15 Beautifully Designed Newsletter Templates 

15 Beautifully Designed Newsletter Templates 

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Email is still a big source of revenue for many businesses. Many companies that are seeing dismal results from their email marketing are lacking in their marketing strategy and their design. A beautiful email newsletter design is a great way to revamp your email marketing and showcase the value that you bring to your subscribers. Here are 15 beautifully designed newsletter templates that will inspire you to come up with an impactful newsletter design.

1. ProductMail

This is a sleek looking template that is focused on businesses that promote their products through email marketing on a regular basis. It offers a varied layout that can feature product images, sales material and content blocks for an engaging presentation.

2. Slice

Slice features two vibrant yet relaxing background images you can use. It’s a responsive template that has a very clean grid layout, cool icons and multiple layout options. The design is discreet and doesn’t jump out at you but you start to notice its beauty as you spend more time reading the newsletter.

3. Market

Market is a simple newsletter template package but the beauty lies in all the variations that are possible. It comes with 8 different layouts, 24 different colors, and 28 different elements so that you can customize the newsletter to your precise liking.

4. Multimo

Multimo is a newsletter template that focuses on three different types of styles. One for professional business, one for travel and one for stores. Of course, these styles can be adjusted to adapt to different industries. Despite the clear focus, there are still many customization options available.

5. Slides

Slides is an email newsletter template that is designed around full-page vertical slides. Each screen size of content is built around a different design and layout so that users are given a unique presentation. This can be used for many different purposes from content, marketing, product feature lists (like the ones used for web hosting), announcements, to integrated newsletters.

6. Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon has a very cool looking newsletter that has strong brand elements applied in a simple newsletter format. The layout is very simple and the content is very straight to the point. The look of the newsletter reflects this attitude very well and there’s a good balance of promotion and content.

7. InVision

InVision’s approach to their email newsletter is very similar to a simple blog layout. They use great looking images to sell their content. There are clear borders separating each content block so that the readers know how to distinguish one section from the other.

8. Community.is

Community is a creative focused newsletter and their template reflects that. They use a strong header graphic to front their newsletter and it’s followed by highlight content that is paired with moving images. There are indicators reflecting the length of the content and simple divider lines to separate them.

9. Fizzle

Fizzle is a mostly text only email newsletter done in HTML. What makes it beautiful is the typography and simple layout. The font they use really makes it easy to read the newsletter in any device. They also used varied text sizes to stress different points in their content. It’s a winning formula that anyone can replicate.

10. Micine

Micine is a very sleek, modern and colorful email newsletter template. It features eight different layouts and five different colors that while helpful, are very similar to each other. The layouts do need some help with variation but what makes this template so attractive it the clean and sleek look.

11. Medium

Medium publishes a very image driven email newsletter that anyone can model. They publish it in a blog style format and uses preview thumbnail images on the right side of each content section. They also mix in featured posts that take up more space for a more varied look designed to keep the reader’s attention.

12. Idea Mail

The theme behind Idea Mail is a minimal design. There are five different layouts that can be paired with seven different colors. The presentation is very minimal and simple which allows content creators to focus on a headline driven newsletter with no distractions.

13. Flat eCommerce

This beautiful eCommerce template has a sleek and techy looking presentation that many online store owners will love. It features beautiful flat elements, varied layouts and has a clean design that allows you to highlight your products. This presentation can easily be used for many industries from apps, web hosting, SaaS to consumer technology.

14. Campaign Mail

Campaign Mail is an email template builder that features 24 different modules. It offers the most flexibility because it’s more like a site builder than a template system. The goal here is to allow you to build your own layouts using the robust system that includes many different colors, flat design graphics and elements.

15. MetroMail

Metromail is a modern looking template that offers eight different layouts in eight different colors. The layouts are reflective of magazines, so the content blocks are organized in very interesting ways. This is the template to go for if the goal is to produce a content heavy newsletter.

These 15 templates should give you some ideas on how to design your very own newsletter. Just remember that when it comes to newsletters, less is often more. There are many publishers using simple HTML based text newsletters with good results. At the same time, there are publishers that are doing well with using images in their newsletters. The only way to find out what works better for your business is to test. This should be easy to do with all the analytics tools that come equipped in the email marketing services options that are out there.


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