5 Important Things You Should Know About Thermal Cameras

5 Important Things You Should Know About Thermal Cameras

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Security cameras have always been very crucial for businesses. Even with concerns like Hikvision trojan horse, the demand for surveillance systems has never gone down. Thermal imagery has had an importance place in this context. It isn’t a new concept and thermal cameras have been around for a long time now, being used in industries like the marine industry or for building analysis or checking the overheating of electrical components.

The functioning of these cameras is very simple. Instead of light, they use heat to make a heat map, which displays the image. Each digital image pixel has a different temperature value with the help of which the map is created and you see a thermal image. Here are some important things that everyone should know about thermal cameras:

  • Thermal Cameras Cannot See Through Glass:

A thermal camera is blinded because of glass. The camera tries to read the temperature data for capturing video. The camera doesn’t pick the temperature through the glass, but from the reflected temperature that comes from the objects that are in the room. This includes the user’s temperature as well. Since glass is a reflective material, even someone who’s wearing glasses would look like he is wearing some cool shades.

  • Objects Are Clearer and Much More Visible:

As thermal cameras don’t rely on visible light for creating images (they use heat instead), it doesn’t matter how dark the place is or what the weather conditions are like. Thermal camera can easily view everything in its viewing area and there is no way anybody could hide. Security professionals and policemen have a ton of use for thermal cameras for this exact reason.

  • Slightest Temperature Change Is Detectable in Thermal Cameras:

Even the slightest change in temperature can be tracked using thermal cameras. Almost everything in this world radiates heat and unless the temperature is absolute zero, it can be tracked using a thermal camera. This is why they are also used for medical purposes.

  • Thermal Cameras Cannot See Through Walls:

Unless the wall is really thin, it is not possible to see through walls using thermal cameras. The walls are thick to keep the place insulated and insulation prohibits any heat from getting out.

  • A Special Laser Pointer Is Used to Point the Centre of Thermal Cameras:

Thermal cameras have a laser pointer in the centre of their view so that the person using the camera knows where he is looking and doesn’t get distracted by various thermal points that are present on the screen. This is when you need a handheld thermal camera. Normal standalone cameras don’t need this.

With these five important things, you must now know a lot about thermal cameras and their innate functionality.

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