5 Ways Hurricane Tracking Is Becoming More Sophisticated

5 Ways Hurricane Tracking Is Becoming More Sophisticated

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When you look at the advances in today’s technology, it’s really quite something. There’s no better time to be alive. There are even insights on how to track a hurricane that have proven to be extremely useful, allowing us to view real time hurricane tracking map models using a drone with sensors to deliver the data.

  1. Drones Are In

They’ve been used for a million different things that are helping the world, and tracking the weather is one of them. We’re able to get inside of storms with drones where satellites just can’t reach, and find new information.

  1. Internet Is Everything

We don’t broadcast the news anymore, we stream it. Streaming has become the main way to get the news for most of Americans, and that technology allows hurricane tracking to get in front of more eyes in the drop of a hat. One emergency warning about a hurricane, and within fifteen seconds, you would have millions of people talking about it.

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  1. Weather Stations

If you had to alert those who aren’t looking at their phones, you would use a sleek, smack weather station to bring mass attention to impending disasters. It’s gotten more sophisticated by using Earth Networks patented system to detect disasters up to three times earlier than we’ve been able to before.

  1. We Know More About Activity

Besides drones and weather stations, hurricane tracking has been evolving on its own after utilizing data gathered during catastrophes, like the recent Irma and Maria. With every negative action, there’s been knowledge gained.

  1. We’re Getting More Exact Information

Getting the news before it happens can help, but now that meteorology is becoming more fine-tuned as time goes on, the world has more precise information to predict tighter impact zones.

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