A Q&A for Mobile Refrigeration

A Q&A for Mobile Refrigeration

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Can I drive a fridge trailer?

No. Fridge vans have self-drive benefits but incur fuel costs and carry time implications. A fridge trailer must be delivered and collected from site by the hire firm.

Are fridge trailers secure?

Yes, they are lockable and you take possession of the keys.

No one can drive a hired trailer away. A fridge van is a little more attractive to thieves.

You won’t find that the client who had the mobile refrigeration unit has had a key in their back pocket for the last three months. Hire firms are meticulous about their security measures and records.

Is a mobile refrigeration unit insured?

The units themselves are insured but the stock normally isn’t so you need to take out a policy to protect yourself against stock loss. Hire firms would stress that although the risk of breakdown or theft is minimal it is imperative to guard against the small possibility.

Can I position a cold room outdoors?

Cold rooms, hire facilities without wheels, are not suitable for outdoor use. A fridge trailer, with wheels, can be housed inside or on the exterior of a property and as you may have guessed, a fridge van stays outdoors.

Do I need an electricity supply for mobile refrigeration?

Many hire units can be run via mains power or with a generator. Discuss this with your hire firm so they know your requirements.

Do fridge hire facilities meet legislation?

Any reputable, respected and professional firm like Icecool Trailers in Berkshire fully understand their obligations and will actively work to legislation, hygiene and customer service maximised levels.

Do I have to use the closest hire firm to me to save money?

No. Only use a firm that you feel comfortable placing your trust in. Using the above mentioned Icecool Trailers as an example, they are based in Newbury but they serve not only Berkshire but the Thames Valley, the Home Counties, London, the Midlands and South Wales.

How soon can mobile refrigeration be delivered?

In an emergency, many hire firms can deliver within a few hours. If it’s not an emergency, then pre-booking is recommended because it is less stressful for you.

The hire firm can arrange their delivery and collection for convenient times so that your day is minimally disrupted.

Do I have to set the fridge trailer up?

Don’t worry, when you hire a fridge trailer (or a cold room) the hire firm deliver and set up the unit so that it is ready for use.

They’ll even move shelves to your desired positions. They’ll explain anything you want to know and they are contactable throughout the hire period.

How long can I hire a fridge trailer for?

If you need it. Hire companies are happy to provide facilities for a one day exhibition, a week-long agricultural show or to a restaurant over a busy couple of months.

Please contact a hire firm today for more information. They’ll be keen to help you.

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