Below is a comparison of contentmart vs textbroker

Below is a comparison of contentmart vs textbroker

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Introduction to text broker

Textbroker serves as a middleman site which connects clients looking for quality content with writers skilled and experienced to provide quality content. In case you may have writer for “contentmills” before, chances are you may have already heard about Textbroker. This is because the platform is by far one of the best established one in the industry.

One of the best things about textbroker is the fact that it is 100% legitimate. As a matter of fact, there are instances in which they give off “big brother” kind of vibe. In fact, you should know that you aren’t allowed to mention any other platforms or even websites within the forums since messages between authors and clients are closely monitored. The platform serves as a guarantee to make money however in order to make more, you would need to become an affiliate marketer. As a matter of fact, in case you are interested in working as a freelancer for a living then it is strongly advised that you identify an educational community to help familiarize you with the basics.

Introduction to contentmart

Finding a good writer just became easy with contentmart. The platform serves as a great marketplace for writers as well as clients. In fact, you will be glad to learn that clients are able to easily search for well qualified content writers to work with. People who are able to provide top notch content in desired niches. It is equally worth noting that the site since its inception has gained immense fame over quite a little time. This is clearly evident from the fact that at the moment, the platform serves slightly more than 45,000 writers and 43,000 clients who depend on each other for pay and quality content. You will also be happy to learn that besides being allowed to register using your facebookcredentials, as a client, you will not need to stress out much or experience any difficulty as far as posting your content requirements is concerned.

In addition to all of the above, the platform (contentmart) also offers an affiliate program which serves as a guarantee to earn as much as 10% of the referral’s income throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

A comparison of contentmart and texbroker clearly reveals how much contentmart stands out from the other platforms. More specifically, one of the key things which sets this platform apart is the fact that it entirely focusses on content writing alone. As a client, expect to find a number of freelance content writers as well as being able to hire the most suitable writer for your project. To crown it all up, writers have access to a number of writing jobs which in turn provides an opportunity to make decent income on a regular basis. Simply put, in case you have not had the chance to work on this platform either as a writer or post work as a client, no would be the best time to take advantage of its provisions.


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