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Your business is probably one of the most important assets in your life. Not only do you depend on it for a monthly income, but you also have workers who depend on you when it comes to their livelihood and financial survival. It is for this reason that your servers and computers should always be protected, so as to avoid potential dangers. We live in an era where hacking is common, and precious data can be stolen in minutes. This is why Cyberbit offers a comprehensive solution when it comes to protecting your software.

Operational Efficiency

You already have virus protection and spam reports on your computers, so you might wonder why it would be necessary for endpoint data protection. The simple reason is because malware has become so clever that it may bypass antivirus programmes. The endpoint data protection acts as a virtual extension of your organisation’s internal cyber security resource in order to stop attacks before they occur. The advanced forensic capabilities of the endpoint data protection allow for detailed forensic investigations on certain attacks whilst keeping the threat contained.

Preventative Security

The security measures that will be put in place will provide visibility on all methods of cyber communication that originate from all endpoint applications. Control policies are put in place to only allow authorized outbound communications from endpoint applications to occur, thus reducing any type of threat that might be incoming to your server or network. Endpoint data protection also provides real-time protection against any type of possible data theft and tampering whilst the device is being compromised. Should any type of threat drill through the security wall, remediation can take place remotely without any hiccups.

Frictionless Security

Just like an antivirus protects the software on your computer, endpoint data protection also protects the software, just a little bit better. It has the ability to dramatically reduce any type of threat or attack, no matter how simple or advanced. This means that you are safe, regardless of how big or small your company is. There is no need for machine isolation when it comes to remediation purposes. It can be enabled in any environment and business can go on as usual. This means that you do not have to waste time or money when it comes to running and managing your business. The software will also be able to pinpoint the trail and evidence of the threat.

Low on False Positives

The endpoint data protection software limits the number of fake threats that come through to you. It works on one alert per active threat which means that it only alerts on the end of kill-chain events. This drastically reduces the risk of false positives.


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