Excel in the Enterprise: Converting Spreadsheets to Web Application

Excel in the Enterprise: Converting Spreadsheets to Web Application

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It does not matter the industry your company falls into, the fact remains you have most likely been in distress from Excel mayhem at one point or the other. Many experts utilize Excel in the enterprise to put their data in order and share these files with other people through emails. On a small scale, this method can be suitable, but it can easily turn into a case of underhanded, compromised and unclear data that costs the organization a lot of time and money to correct.

There are different ways in which Excel mayhem can be harmful to a company. If an email inbox is filled with Excel files, picking out the files with the most recent updates can prove difficult. Decision makers and lead executives could be hindered from getting updated information because of such a problem. Numerous people updating data can become very hard to reconcile and is highly susceptible to mistakes. Spreadsheets attached in an email might be accidentally or deliberately forwarded to an unsanctioned individual or group which compromises precious assets of the organization.

Excel spreadsheet isn’t a database

It is easy to put data into Excel in the enterprise, but as a simple fact, Excel isn’t actually a database. It lacks the idea of data types and cannot simply or properly imposed validation of data. Excel also cannot support multiple users, link files and pictures with records, stop you from mistakenly sorting data wrongly, use security for row-level and form a connection with another selection of data.

Using a central web database instead of spreadsheets will make all this easier, and it can be done with an Excel integration software.

Develop database applications without coding

There is no need for coding skills to use an integration software. The simple interface can be used by professionals from different industries to make web applications easily.

  • Create web-based report
  • Import information from Excel spreadsheet
  • Design dashboard for real-time insights and tracking
  • Manage access and authorization for users
  • Install and give access anywhere
  • Design forms for data editing and submission

Develop easy and efficient workflows

Using integration software to import Excel in the enterprise will remove all forms of Excel mayhem you have experienced in the past. It also makes for a better organized and coherent workflow so that your business processes have higher quality.

  • Every approved user will have access to updated information instantly.
  • Alerts like email notifications may be set up so that users are aware when data has been updated or modified.
  • Excel can be connected to data online and automatically refreshed.
  • There are high-security measures to protect data on such software.

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