Five Types of Enterprise Video Conferencing Service

Five Types of Enterprise Video Conferencing Service

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I tested five of the most popular video conferencing services and compared the advantages and disadvantages.

Teleworkers and freelancers also play a key role in most SMEs. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to have face-to-face meetings wherever you go, even if you do not visit or travel.

Fortunately, video-based conferencing services have evolved to meet these demands. It is easier than ever to sit comfortably in front of your computer, share documents, demonstrate software, and collaborate on an online whiteboard.

I have tested five of the most popular video conferencing systems to help you choose the right conferencing system. 8×8 Virtual Room, Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Citrix GoToMeeting, and Fuze Meeting.

Initially, we tested several services, including stand-alone video services such as Google Chat Skype, which consisted only of video and audio. But finally I chose the five services mentioned above. These services provide a comprehensive set of features to assist with collaboration and are available on many devices. The basic functions are similar in many areas. But it also has its own advantages. We have compared the user interface, management, collaboration, and visual experience quality.

ezTalks Video Conferencing

ezTalks Video Conferencing is considered one of the best software to share computer screens along with scheduling video conferencing between remote participants. One of the many features of this software include free screen sharing option which makes it ideal for those who want to communicate and interact between remote participants to organise and attend online meetings.

While attempting to share computer screen you can also create and share graphs to make your presentation easy-to-understand by using its whiteboard tool. actually main advantages of this screen sharing tool include effectiveness and convenience as it also allows you to avoid any one or all the participants of the online meeting, if you want to do something not related to them during the call, by muting them.

8×8 Virtual Room (8×8 Virtual Room)

8×8 is a hardware-based conferencing system that provides VOIP App service to corporate customers since 2020. However, it is not well known to mainstream users. The company’s new Virtual Room videoconferencing service compares to competitive offerings in that companies can scale to support advanced video telephony and telepresence without the need for an internal base.

  • Cost: $ 200 a month. However, it depends on the required pixel.
  • Function: As with other services that are subject to this comparison, an 8×8 Virtual Room can stream up to 15 streams. You can also share apps, presentations, and desktops. However, there is a difference between supporting VVX and HDX conferencing devices. This means that a complete telepresence service can be implemented without an internal back office system.
  • Recommendation: For those who want to use online conferencing with their PC’s webcam, the virtual room price of $ 200 can be a burden. However, this service is not for ordinary users or occasionally for corporate users who use video chat. It is well-suited for midsize businesses who want to have videoconferencing systems with advanced telepresence hardware and mid-priced Polycom phones and webcams, without tens of thousands of dollars of infrastructure investment. Virtual Room delivers the smoothest of all the services I’ve tested. Even when used by webcam-based users.

Adobe Connect

The most advanced web video standard is Adobe Flash. Given this, it’s no surprise that Adobe Connect, the video conferencing software from Adobe, is becoming a major competitor. It has been more than 10 years since the service was introduced. The name just changed. Also, although it is less recognizable than WebEx and GoToMeeting, many people appreciate the excellent interface.

  • Cost: $ 55 per month per hosting, or $ 120 per year. 25 people can attend the meeting.
  • Features: Adobe Connect includes all the most common conferencing features such as whiteboards, sharing presentations, sharing apps and desktops, and chatting. It also supports excellent quality video. Connect offers unlimited simultaneous webcam images and streamlines voice and video files on the desktop. It also includes mobile apps for iOS, Android, and even the BlackBerry Playbook.=
  • Recommendation: Adobe Connect is targeted at large companies rather than small businesses. However, the in-conference interface is very simple. A major advantage is the ability to stream voice and video files from your desktop to other attendees without great effort. Connect’s image quality is very good. However, these functions can be overcome by small companies. Also, the way to set up meetings is somewhat trickier than other competitive services.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center (Editor Recommendation Service)

WebEx has provided opportunities for corporate customers to hold meetings and share documents over the Internet from the days when web-based meetings were unfamiliar. Even today, Web-based meetings are still one of the best video collaboration services on the market, and WebEx has become the most recognized brand.

  • Cost: There is $ 19 a month and $ 49 a month for hosting. Eight people and 25 people can attend.
  • Functionality: WebEx’s image quality is among the best in the competition. It also includes a function to automatically highlight the video box of the participant who is talking. This is a very helpful feature when you are meeting with multiple people. At the same time, seven video feeds can be presented.

Attendees can attend the conference using PCs, Solaris or Unix systems, or iOS, Android, and BlackBerry phones. File sharing, collaboration whiteboard, chat, screen share software, remote management all work intuitively. It’s also simple to turn over conference and presentation rights. You can also record the meeting and play it back later. In addition, Microsoft Outlook is integrated with the ability to schedule meetings.

  • Recommendation: There are not many WebEx services that outperform video capabilities and sharing capabilities. It also offers some very impressive features. It’s a big difference to be able to hold a meeting with up to eight people in these parts and $ 19 per month. WebEx maintains its reputation as one of the most standards-based services of its competitors in this field.

Citrix GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is the second most popular WebEx service in the world. And recently, I added the capability of video. WebEx does not function well. However, it has a much simpler interface to satisfy users who want to quickly share online access.

  • Cost: $ 49 per month and up to 15 people can attend the meeting.
  • Features: The GoToMeeting includes a video service called HDFaces that displays up to 6 videos simultaneously and provides a simple video conferencing interface. With this service, you can share documents, whiteboards, and desktop screens in much the same way as WebEx.

However, the maximum number of attendees is 15, which is less than that of WebEx. GoToMeeting allows you to record a meeting with just one click, just like WebEx. You can also easily change the presenter. It offers a pretty usable iPad app, and also supports the iPhone and Android.

  • Recommendation: Same price as WebEx, but less functionality. Also, the maximum number of users is not enough for WebEx. GoToMeeting is a little easier to use than WebEx. But I do not think that the intuitive interface difference justifies the need to pay the same price for a function that is lower than WebEx Alternatives.

Fuze Meeting

Fuse meetings are less well known than other video conferencing services. But it is worth reviewing.

It has the best mobile apps, and the interface is simple, so you can use the meeting much faster than the competition.

  • Costs: The monthly fee for services, which can be attended by 25 people and 45 people, is $ 29 and $ 49, respectively. There is also a one-off service for 15 people attending one day. The fee is $ 10.
  • Features: Fusing meetings come standard with standard video conferencing features such as chat, whiteboard, document sharing, desktop and app sharing. For a $ 49 service, you can also record a meeting. You can also put a corporate logo on the meeting window space to make a deep impression. Supports up to 10 simultaneous video feeds. And a new feature that allows you to call voice channels through Skype. It also provides storage for all customers. The one-time account is 1GB, and the storage expands as it goes up. Mobile apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry are designed excellently.
  • Recommendation: Fuses cannot be said to be superior to competitive products. But some features are definitely different. For example, the ability to make calls via Skype is very useful for international conferences. A small $ 10 disposable service would be a great help for small businesses that often have to hold meetings.

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