Four useful solutions for automation of business campaign management

Four useful solutions for automation of business campaign management

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Business automation is an essential condition for developing business under dynamic business environment.

Digital technologies have significantly changed the methods of business management, as structural units of business became a part of united info systems. In this case, obligatory automation is an additional impulse for business processes management. 

As a rule, business automation is implemented in two ways:

  • Basic processes automation. For example, sales management automation or costumer relations automation. In this case, the key objective of the automation is increasing sales, goods quality and business profit.
  • Automation of administrative processes. Well-organized internal processes are able to effect on productivity.

Why do you need automation of business campaign management?

First, it helps to keep up with modern business environment that changes rapidly. Secondly, automation provides the following advantages:

  • Well organized client database. Modern business automation systems, such as CRM systems, store and structure all information about costumers: contact information, orders, billings, payment information, messaging and call records, etc. The system creates detailed profile of each costumer.
  • Timely orders processing and high-quality client support. Business automation system helps to store and process all incoming requests: calls, orders, questions from social networks, etc. !
  • Workflow automation. CRM systems provide all instruments for managing both internal and external workflow.
  • Business time management and optimization of internal communications.
  • Analytics and reports.

Four CRM solutions for campaign management automation

bpm’online – a platform marketing, sales and client support automation

All these parts can be automated in an integrated way or as individual products. Bpm’online sales system allows managing all stages of sale – from lead to deal. Bpm’online marketing system solves the issues of lead generation, allows managing cross-channel communications, interfacing with customers through email marketing and managing marketing activities and triggered campaigns. Bpm’online service system allows automating client support service making this tool ideal not only for marketing campaign management.

Real Estate Developers for automating processes at a construction company.

It is a system for development and construction companies, which allows managing property database.

With the help of OpenStreetMap, you can browse objects location, add new objects to map and change their position. The system has instruments for listing management. The system allows keeping records of all billings and payments and analyzing database on active and new listings, sales, etc.

HRM for CRM – Automation of campaign management at HR department

The systems are intended for HR departments and allow automating work with costumers and applicants. The systems keep full records of working with positions, select applicants, upload resume files from website and collect applicants’ database

Odin – Automation of processes at web hosting service

Odin Business Automation Standard is a solution for automation of campaign management at web hosting service. It helps to maximize revenues; lets you offer a full range of hosting services, including email hosting, shared hosting, VPS, hypervisor-based virtual machines, dedicated servers, domain registration, SSL certificates and SaaS services. It also helps to build reseller channels and manage affiliates.


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