Guide to sync files of Android with Mac

Guide to sync files of Android with Mac

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When Mac PC users want to buy a Smartphone, they mostly look for iPhone and not Android. The main reason behind it is that the iOS device is able to work seamlessly with the Mac computer. However, while these Mac PC users are using Android, they cannot get the opportunity of easily synchronizing the data, music and other files to their PC. However, nowadays, newer Android versions, including 5.0 and the modern Mac versions can be synced easily. So, we have discussed the steps, used for this syncing process.

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  • Details of your online browsing

In your Android mobile, if the default browser is Chrome, then you may transfer the bookmarks and browsing details to a Mac computer. Chrome saves everything and also syncs them so that you may them on any of your devices.

  • Transfer Calendar to another device

Your Android phone perhaps has a calendar, and you can sync it to Mac computer. Access this calendar on Mac, and then you can get the option Add Account, present in the taskbar. After selecting it, you may click on the button- Continue.

  • Switch files between your devices

All the files, present in your Android handset, can be transferred easily to Mac. And in this case, Google Drive can be a most helpful option to you. You have to ensure that this Drive exists in your Mac and Android.  Upload the files or folders on Android to your Drive. Access to Mac PC and you can find those them on the Drive.

If you do not want to go through any complicated steps, you may better download the app- SyncMate. SyncMate, the best app to synchronize Android with Mac, is easy to download. You can sync all the compatible devices to this app. It is one of the powerful apps that may work smoothly with Mac computer. The best fact is that data synchronization is possible at free of cost. You’ll be able to synchronize not only with multimedia files but also the important contacts.  SyncMate is available in main 2 versions. The free ones enable you in syncing only the basic ones, while the Expert version provides you with extensive options for synchronization. Video, Photo Gallery, iTune media and folders, these are four extra things that you can sync with the latter version.


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