Health-tech ideas from Singapore win Grants4Apps challenge

Health-tech ideas from Singapore win Grants4Apps challenge

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Singapore startup community has always been dedicated to solving as many “real-world” problems as humanly possible, rather than creating video games like “candy crush” and the like.

Sure, startups in Singapore want to be as wildly profitable as the startups that are based out of Silicon Valley – make no mistake about that – but this community is also a real hotbed for innovative solutions and advanced technology designed to improve all of humanity.

Many of the health technology ideas coming out of Singapore today are transforming the way that the medical community looks at solutions, not only from a research or a creativity perspective, but also from a very real and tangible product and solution perspective as well.

Some of these health solutions are being implemented on a grand and global scale, and many of the health technology ideas coming out of Singapore have already won numerous grants, awards, and prestige – including the Grants4Apps Challenge.

What is the Grants4Apps Challenge?

The Grants4Apps Challenge is a collaboration between Bayer and and US Enterprise, the entrepreneurial part of the National University of Singapore.

Originally created as a way to further drive innovation, to challenge students, and to improve the startup culture which is still admittedly pretty brand-new in Singapore, the challenge has quickly gone on to become one of the most prestigious challenges of its kind anywhere in the world – capturing the attention of the global health industry like few other challenges have been able to.

Companies that compete for this challenge are all competing to get a tremendous amount of funding from Bayer, one of the world’s most influential and successful healthcare companies. This kind of prestige can completely and totally transform the future of a startup that win, which is why it is so impressive that so many companies from Singapore have been able to do exactly that.

Health solutions are driving innovation and creating real cures

Some of the technology coming out of health-based startups in Singapore include:

  • Wearable technology that alerts individuals to all of their core medical and biometrics on-the-fly
  • Mobile applications that track food intake, nutrition, and even monitors the eating habits and health ratings of those with diabetes
  • Solutions that track the amount of sleep that people get, the quality of that sleep, and sleep changes they can make to their environment that will make sleep even more rewarding in the long run…

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

All of this prestige that companies have been able to win by successfully completing the Grants4Apps Challenge has helped to attract entrepreneurs and talented employees to the health sector in Singapore.

This is going to have a tremendous impact on the overall quality of the startups coming out of Singapore, but it’s also going to help drive up the economic base of the Singapore GDP as well – and that’s great news for the people of Singapore, the future of Singapore, and the stability of the Southeast Asian region in general.

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