How to avoid the unwanted consumption of the internet on my cell phone?

How to avoid the unwanted consumption of the internet on my cell phone?

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Many times our cell phone consumes the Internet without realizing it and without necessarily using it. Just by having it on we are exposed to what happens to us. This happens because many of the applications that we have installed on our cell phone, such as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, are synchronized every time even when they are not being used.Of course the ways below will not be able to give effect if you do not have enough Internet quota. Many Internet package providers on the market and Verizon is one of the best. To find out the wireless plans offered you can visit

What to do to control it? There are several ways to control internet consumption. The most important thing is to be clear that our cell phone will always be consuming the internet and that we must make a series of configurations in order to manage it. Here we offer you some options:

1. Disable the “mobile data” option on your cell phone

This is the most drastic but the safest option. If you want to make sure you do not consume 1 MB, it is advisable to completely disable your cell phone data. This does not mean that you can connect to the internet through a WI-FI network.


If you have a cell phone with Android operating system, go to Settings / Use of data and select the option “NO”.


If you have an Apple cell phone with IOS, enter Settings / Mobile data and turn off the “mobile data” option.

  1. It establishes a limit of maximum consumption in a certain period (Only for Android)

    With this option you can set the maximum limit of data you want to consume in a certain period. Once this specified limit is reached, the mobile data connection will be completely disabled until you reach the next period. In addition, you can set a warning alert when you are approaching the established limit. It is very easy to configure!

  2. Turn off Internet consumption in the background (Only for Android)

    The Android operating system allows you to visualize which applications are most consuming internet and disable the synchronization of these applications in the background. It is important to keep in mind that this function can stop an application that has to use the internet in the background when only mobile networks are available.

    To deactivate the background internet consumption of one or several applications, go to Configuration / Use of data and select the application. Once inside the application, select the box that says “Restrict data in 2nd plane” and go!

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