How to install WhatsappFor Black Berry?

How to install WhatsappFor Black Berry?

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Whatsapp is a cross-platform messaging for various mobile applications such as Android, Black Berry, I Phone and Windows Phone. Installation process of Whatsapp Messenger Blackberry is very easy. In order to install Whatsapp Messenger Blackberry, you are required to follow the below mentioned instructions.

How to download whatsapp for blackberry?

Download whatsapp for blackberry is a simple process.

  • First, you need to download free software named ‘Snap’. It is useful software to install Android apps directly to your device. These apps were also downloaded from the Google Play Store. The developers of Snap also offer the customers an option to donate to keep the software afloat.

  • Whatsapp download for blackberry can also be executed by downloading free software known as ‘Sachesi’.

The above-mentioned softwaresareabsolutely free and safe in case of WhatsApp download for blackberry.


Is whatsapp available for blackberry?

The answer to the question ‘Is whatsapp available for blackberry’ is ‘Yes’. However, there had been rumors that whatsapp support is going to end by December 2016. The dates had been extended to June 2017.

Can I Install whatsapp on blackberry?

The answer to the question Can I Install whatsapp on blackberry is ‘Yes’.

  • First, you need to go to the settings tab on your Blackberry.
  • Swipe all the way from the bottom to the Home screen.
  • Tap–Security and Privacy
  • Choose–‘Development Mode’
  • Activate– ‘Use Development Mode’

  1. If your device does not contain a password lock, you may enter a suitable password when you are prompted to do. Take for ex: Insert name rather than entering numbers and alphabets.

  1. Get back to the Settings tab–then select ‘about and Choose Network’. You can easily locate it from the slide down menu. Take note of the IPV4 number, for example:
  2. Run the application ‘DDPB Installer on your desktop PC. Now you may enter the IPV4 number to the ‘Playbook IP Address’ when prompted.

  1. Select the option ‘Connect’ that allows your phone to get connected to the DDPB installer. If in case any error pops-up, then it is up to you to confirm and verify the IP address you had entered recently. Then select ‘Add’ and look for the downloaded file named ‘’.

  1. The listing window displays an option ‘Whatsapp’ with a corresponding check box. Then select ‘Install’.

  1. A New Window appears on the screen mentioning the progress of the application. Once the process is executed, you may activate ‘Whatsapp’ on your Black Berry.

  1. Now you may go back to the option ‘Security and Privacy’–then deactivate the ‘Development mode’.

  1. If necessary, you do have the option to remove the password included in ‘Security and Privacy’.

  • Now you may run the ‘Whatsapp’ application.
  • You should never accept the option ‘Update Client’ in the middle of the application.
  • Choose your ‘Country’ and insert a ‘Phone number’. Enter your place of residence when prompted.


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