How to Prevent Overlooked Dangers When You are Torrenting

How to Prevent Overlooked Dangers When You are Torrenting

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The Internet is an ocean of games, videos, audio clips and information but it was never easy to download this much data with just a few clicks. Torrent changed the dimensions of the internet downloading and provided almost 80% of digital products whether they are videos, audios or software absolutely free of cost and that is the reason why people started following the torrent. But torrenting also increases the chances of:

  1. Getting caught up in copyright claims by different companies because most of the content that is available to download is not copyrighted by the Torrent.
  2. Getting computer viruses or malware
  3. Getting hacked

Let’s discuss how mentioned and often overlooked dangers can land you in trouble while you are torrenting:

  1. Torrent Does Not Own Anything That You Download from Their Website

You read it right, torrent does not own even a single file that is present on their site. Or in clearer words, torrent take premium or copyrighted movies, seasons, songs, software and games from all over the internet and then shares them. When you torrent a movie, you are indirectly violating the copyrights of other companies of media houses. To ensure you can safely torrent, you can use a hide your location with a VPN for torrenting to ensure you do not get caught up in any potentially annoying copyright claims.

  1. Getting Viruses from Torrents

There is no solid mechanism to test all torrent files against the possible viruses and that is the reason why most of the times people trying to download their desired files from torrent are being tricked and provided with the files or software containing malware viruses.  To ensure you are not affected, you need to ensure the anti-viruses you use are fully up to date.  Patches are often created to solve previously overlooked issues or ensure that newly discovered vulnerabilities are not exploited.  An anti-virus that is not being kept up to date cannot properly do its job.

  1. You Can Get Hacked After You Install Software Containing a Specific Hacking Script  

Yes! This happens when you install a software from a torrent without verifying it properly. Let me give you an overview of their hacking methodology; hackers plant their hacking scripts in popular software and once this software is installed, the hacking script will take control all over your computer and this might also result in losing your precious data.  From botnets used in DDOS attacks to stolen banking information, all may result from installing software.

So to recap, remember to use a VPN designed for torrents, update your anti-virus, and NEVER download software from torrents.


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