Is buying Twitter followers a dying trend?

Is buying Twitter followers a dying trend?

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We all read articles in newspapers or blog posts about buying Twitter followers. Actually, I personally read so many that it really feels like old news!

I was trying to pitch articles to major blogs about websites where you can buy Twitter followers in the UK, and all my blog posts got denied by the editors as they seemed like ‘old news’.

We all remember when Obama got busted buying Twitter followers during the elections to appear more popular. Back in 2012, all the major newspapers exposed that politicians buy Twitter followers in the USA.

Lady Gaga also had a viral campaign since she was the first Twitter user to reach 1 billion followers… everyone soon realized that she was buying Twitter followers for marketing purposes.

Some trends come and go. For example, hiring a photo booth seemed boring an outdated in 2012 and now this trend is booming, without over 4300 people per month looking to hire a photo booth in Sydney alone.

So here we are, 5 years later. Are people still buying Twitter followers?

Even though the general public is more aware that brands buy Twitter followers now, yes many brands, companies, artists, and celebrities still buy followers on Twitter, more than ever actually!

Buying Twitter followers is more popular then ever

Believe it or not, buying Twitter followers is more popular than ever!

This trend is not dying at all, and there is a lot of money to be made for websitse who sell Twitter followers online.

My partner was selling Twitter followers back in 2012, and he was lucky enough to be interviewed and featured in the New York times, which skyrocketed the popularity of his website and he was making $3000 in profits every single day. That was back in 2012!

Today in 2017, Google statistics taken from Google adwords’ keyword planner show that the demand is no less than 4 times higher then it was in 2012. That means that about 80 000 people every month are searching on Google to buy Twitter followers, which also mean that the websitse ranking high on Google would be making over $200 000 in profits every month!

That is more than any Lawyer or dentist or accountant that I know!

The funny thing is that you would think that people would stop buying Twitter followers since they know that many people frown upon this quick marketing method… but the opposite effect happened.

Eve popular pop songs are making jokes about buying followers in their lyrics, which made the practice even more popular, especially on Instagram.

Should you buy Twitter followers?

So the real question is: Should you buy Twitter followers?

If you do a research on Google, you will find about 1000 ‘hate’ articles against buying Twitter followers. Lots of these articles are extremely opinionated. The reality is that buying Twitter followers is a quick trick to look more popular, and is quite inoffensive and doesn’t hurt anyone.

There is no consequences at all after you buy Twitter followers. The worse thing that can happen is that sometimes these followers are inactive accounts, and every few years Twitter decides to clean up and delete inactive accounts, therefore some of your followers could get deleted after 1 or 2 years.

But considering you can buy followers on Twitter for as low as $20, it doesn’t really bother me to have to buy again 2 years down the road.

As long as you know that buying followers is strictly just to boost your numbers and look more popular quicly, and that these followers are not real people and they will not interact with your tweets or become customers, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying followers for your Twitter account.


In conclusion, buying followers can be a really easy and quick way for your business to look more established and popular, and since it is very quick and cheap to buy fopllowers, sometimes for as low as $20, I would recommend it to anyone who are serious about their business and anyone who are starting a new business as well.

The great thing is that once you grow your real followers and want to start buying sponsored tweets and other type of advertising, you can easily remove the followers you bought by banning them or blocking them from your Twitter account.

That way you won’t have to pay extra for sponsored posts for these inactive followers, as the cost for sponsored tweets goes up depending on the amount of followers that you have, so the more followers, the more money the ads will cost.

I hope you enjoyed this article thanks for reading and post your comments below is you wish to discuss whether buying Twitter followers is a good idea or not. Thanks!