Is Laravel the best php framework?

Is Laravel the best php framework?

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Website building technologies are starting to be more and more popular nowadays. The conventional ways of creating websites by writing all the code on your own in php and mysql is not what people prefer to do anymore. This is because the php programming language is considered to be the worst structured language. When php was created, it had no frame to follow and it did not follow any coding standards.

Is php dead?

Not at all. PHP and mysql will live for long, that is sure. But the way php is used is being diversified. Nowadays, a lot of php programmers join different communities and develop different php frameworks to make their lives easier. One such community is the Laravel community and it is expanding its market share and becoming more and more popular every day.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a php framework for web applications. This is the easiest and most accurate explanation without having to go through all the details of how it works and what it requires. It has an expressive and elegant syntax as the creators of Laravel belive that development should be a process to enjoy and easily create true masterpieces. The idea behind Laravel is to take the pain out of the dev process and to ease common tasks that are widely used in all web projects. Such tasks re authentication, routing, sessions and the last but not least – caching.

All these tasks can be a real pain if you start writing your code line by line. That is where Laravel comes – it helps all the developers create without sacrificing application functionality as happy devs make happy code that works the best possible way.

Setting up Laravel 5 on a shared hosting might be a hard job, especially if you are a beginner, so the best solution will be to find an rely on a hosting provider that has the experience in setting up fast and secure Laravel hosting environment.

Where to host Laravel?

As the popularity of Laravel is growing, some of the Laravel hosting friendly companies offer one click installation of this php framework using the Softaculous installation tools. This sets a completely working php framework environment for your Laravel project even on a shared hosting server. This can save you a lof of time, efforts and money, and you can start creating your web applications in a matter of minutes.

Along with the installation of Laravel you can easily rely on your hosting partner to include Composer as well. Composer has proven to be one of the best package managers out there as it combines all the best functionalities and it helps people add multiple functionalities to their projects.

Where to find Laravel help?

Your hosting company should be proficient in Laravel in terms of installation, set up and making Laravel run well even on shared hosting servers. If the hosting company knows these details they can easily write some Laravel tutorials in order to facilitate their users in terms of the way Laravel works. Definitely writing your code is something that depends entirely on you, but having a solid hosting environment is easily achievable if the host is experienced.

If you wish to start developing web application using php and mysql, and if you wish to join a community of hard working developers who contribute to the well being daily, Laravel is definitely your php framework. If not convinced, you can check the Best PHP Frameworks of 2017: a Beginner’s Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

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