Kamstrup Multical Cooling/Heating Meter

Kamstrup Multical Cooling/Heating Meter

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All you need is one type of meter in stock. Depending on the position of the flow sensor in forward or return flow, logger dates and much more the MULTICAL 801 can be configured individually on site directly via the front buttons on the meter. This means less need for allocating resources to planning and stock management.

The MULTICAL 603 heat and cooling meter comes with a built-in Auto Detect function, making it possible to replace the ULTRAFLOW when needed, without having to manually re-configure the calculator. This increases flexibility and allows you to keep only one type of calculator in stock that can then be used for all Kamstrup ultrasonic flow meters.

Auto Detect is compatible with fourth generation ULTRAFLOW, which has been produced since 2008.Auto Detect delivers clear benefits when you need to switch the flow part but not the calculator.

It is simple: MULTICAL 603 is connected to the new flow meter and will automatically detect the flow meter and re-configure accordingly without any need for technical support or special tools. This level of flexibilitysaves (you?) resources, money and unnecessary worries. Heat meters and cooling meters are often installed in tight and dark places, where installation is difficult due to lack of lighting and space to maneuver.

The backlit display is just one of the new design features that make the MULTICAL 603 not only the most flexible meter on the market but also the most user-friendly heat and cooling meter.

The good news is that it does not compromise the battery lifetime significantly. Come with up to 16 years battery lifetime (15 years with backlit display). In addition, MULTICAL 302 has ‘back’, ‘forward’ and ‘enter’ navigation keys, making it even easier for the qualified technician and the end user to operate the installed meter. The popular remote reading system READy is the perfect fit for MULTICAL 603 heat/cooling meters, which offer full support for remote reading. This gives you quick access to consumption data and the possibility to utilise meter data for analysis and optimisations in your distribution network.

With a READy network, data from the meters are automatically transferred directly to the utility on a daily or hourly basis. Then, you can easily analyse data in the simple and intuitive PC programme, READy Manager.

The collected data can not only be used for accurate billing, but also provide you with increased knowledge about consumption and the possibility of analysing cooling patterns and much more. READy Manager also gives you access to the tools to transform this knowledge into tangible improvements and energy optimisations.

Forget that you ever needed direct access to read a meter’s data logger. MULTICAL® 603 offers full support for remote reading to speed up billing by removing the need for time-consuming manual readings. You get instant access to the information needed to analyse and optimise your application.

The data logger is programmable to deliver yearly, monthly, daily, hourly and minute values. Just decide which data you need at what intervals. This lets you effectively analyse and diagnose your application for faster identification of load profiles, errors and inconsistencies.

MULTICAL 603 can be fitted with a selection of advanced communication modules including wireless or wired M-Bus and more to match your needs. Wired M-bus modules are no longer powered by the meter’s battery but directly from the M-bus Master to lower the own consumption and prolong the battery life.

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