Link Shortener & Its Importance For SEO Agencies

Link Shortener & Its Importance For SEO Agencies

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Hundreds of millions of people use Valley social video sites on a daily basis to keep in touch with their friends, kill their free time, and get product recommendations. This changing trend has opened new doors for those businesses that want to increase their revenue without emptying bank account from promotional activities. In case you have clients that prefer this kind of strategy, then you need to opt for an innovative tool like URL shortener right away.

Importance of URL Shortener

Before you get into details of how a custom URL shortener can prove to be beneficial for your client business, try to understand this tool first. It is nothing but a simple social media promotional tool that converts any unattractive and lengthy URL into a short, keyword rich, and SEO optimised URL. This tool is primarily used by those marketers and promoters who want to track the performance of various social media activities in a hassle-free manner. You can also do the same and have a great experience.

In case you don’t know much about any good branded URL shortener, understand it in this way. Whenever you publish a post on your site, it is allotted you are depending upon your Permalink settings. This URL may be good from SEO perspective, but it doesn’t look good on social media sites. What you can do is replace this link with a short URL whose performance can be easily monitored. Whenever you share this link on various social media sites, you can visit the admin panel of the URL shortener and get a detailed report of various user engagement activities. Even if you want to change the link structure at a later stage, you can do it easily without facing any problem.

Remember that there are various link shorteners available in the market, but you should always go with the best branded URL shortener. Lest you don’t know which one to select, then give a shot to capsulink and be free from all your doubts. Keep in mind these points while using any link shortener and have a hassle-free experience.