Live amazing flying experiences with the GoolRC T37 quadcopter

Live amazing flying experiences with the GoolRC T37 quadcopter

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The most popular RC Hobbies/Tech quad copters of the moment having a starring role for this 2017 are the “Selfie Drones” and among them, our flagship drone: the GoolRCT37.This device has the latest in technology and it all fits in your pocket. It is a model very similar to the GoolRC H37, but incorporates a camera of 2MP instead of the 0.3 MP. Its design is very similar to the chassis of a car with that sporty line in red, so the gadget is not made to camouflage itself; on the contrary the color is quite eye-catching and bright.

Among its novelties is that allows you to fold your propellers and quickly store it in a small bag. This small master piece fits in the palm of one hand and we can control it with Wi-Fi connection to your phone (iOS or android), and you will receive real-time transmission from the camera on the drone. The pictures and video store in your phone, so it`s easy to share them with your friends. This RC Quad copter has a 720P HD resolution, adjustable camera angle, and the unique video/selfie function to record more wonderful moments for you.

GoolRCT37 revolutionizes the fashion of selfie drones

The GoolRCT37 has dimensions of 13.5 x 6.5 x 2.5cm and a weight of 79 grams, which makes it lighter than other drones that do not have functions as innovative as what this has and its price is quite cheap in the market so it is not difficult to purchase.

Also, has a six-axis gyroscope and its battery is 500 mAh which gives us a range of 5 to 8 minutes of flight,so we recommend notover-charging, over-discharging batteries or not to expose the airplane to high temperatures, because it can combust.

GoolRCT37: the enchanting selfie quad copter.

When you release the throttle stick after using it, the RC toy will automatically set the height and still hover at the released height. Thus you can fly the machine easily and steadily. In the package next to the RC Quad copter we will find a battery, a USB cable for charging, interchangeable propellers, a bag and the manual.

Although this toy only flies 40 meters above the ground, a particular advantage of the GoolRCT37 is that when enters into headless mode, you don’t need to worry about the direction problem because has been equipped with One Key Control. You could start up the machine with one-key, take off or turn it down with one-key landing.


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