Most Common Invoicing Mistakes

Most Common Invoicing Mistakes

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Invoicing is already a basic part of any business. Yes, there are those who are not really particular about this but because most businesses, especially the huge ones are instructing their guards not to let pass by without showing the invoice of what they bought, invoicing is now almost automatic.

Invoicing can greatly help every business keep track of their sales. This can be advantageous for consumers especially those that are also keeping tab of their money. However, when something gets messed up, this can cause a lot of problems and can even derail the relationships between the consumer and the supplier.

What are the most common invoicing mistakes?

1. When one gets careless and sent the invoice to the wrong person

This is not only problematic at your end but at the same time, this can even cause legal disputes. Note that there are invoices where you will need to write down the personal information of your client and this should not be divulged to other parties. However, if you accidentally sent it to the wrong person, then you need to do something to appease the aggrieved party.

2. You don’t itemize

Yes, we are always in a hurry when dealing with customers especially that there are also other customers waiting. However, even if that is the case, you should first itemize all the products being inputted if you don’t want call backs from your customers. Note that there are times when a consumer will want to check back what she paid and this can only add hassles on your end.

3. Not checking before sending

The good thing with invoices today is you can first check them before finalizing everything. You should take advantage of this feature to ensure that you inputted the right details. In business, even the slightest detail can already cause a huge messed up!

4. Not sending the invoice right away

Though you must not be too eager as well for every completed transaction, you should send out the invoice right away so that your customers won’t forget you.

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