ProGo Scooter: Tiny Device Offering a Great Profit

ProGo Scooter: Tiny Device Offering a Great Profit

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Fancy owning a scooter but still hesitate which model to choose? You’ve come to the right place – we’ll tell you about one of the latest innovations that has sparked furor in the automotive market. Its name is ProGo3000 and it comes from sunny California where its introduction a couple of years ago became a sensation in the rows of scooter enthusiasts.

To begin with, it’s quite unlikely that Harley-Davidson fans will find the thing attractive. Yet, in case with ProGo scooter, it’s not about engine volume or hp number. There’s something that makes it irreplaceable in the streets. We are primarily talking about qualities like versatility, portability, and easy maintenance.

The advantages of a propane-powered engine

We assume that there’s no need to go into details about gas-powered vehicles since everybody knows how much combustion gases a product like gasoline normally produces. And it’s not only environment that suffers, additives that are often added to the fuel to raise its octane number cause lots of damage to the engines. Those who do regular vehicle maintenance know how much deposits are usually found inside a combustion chamber. These deposits are the waste that is left after fuel burning process. And quite often it becomes a reason for engine jamming or carburetor malfunction.

Propane-powered engines are an absolutely different story. The boiling temperature of propane is nearly two times lower than that of gasoline. Add a comparatively low percentage of carbon and you’ll get a zero-emission sort of fuel which also costs less compared to all the existing alternatives. In the review on ProGo scooter, there’s a whole paragraph devoted to the advantages of propane and its properties. The low level of exhausts is among the major factors that make it an ecologically clean type of fuel.

Lightweight, compact, and maintenance-free vehicle

First things first, lightweight doesn’t mean it weighs some dozen kilograms less than its competitors. It means that a vehicle can actually be carried by its owner. The picture above brightly illustrates how it’s done: the appliance is equipped with a foldable handling bar which also serves as a transportation handle. Thus, whenever you get in a road jam or just can’t find a parking place, you can simply fold your scooter and take it with you inside. Its total weight doesn’t exceed 16 kilos. For an average person, it won’t cause much trouble to carry it for a couple of minutes.

Another big plus is that the product comes with a four-stroke engine (instead of a conventional two-stroke one) and there are no issues with carburetor gumming. The easy pull start function will allow your scooter to be started after a single attempt while a 25 cc engine will ensure the fuel economy. All in all, the product offers a maintenance-free and totally fun driving experience. Especially with a spare propane cylinder lying in your backpack is giving you additional 2-3 hours of riding time.