Quench Your Thirst for Exotic Cars

Quench Your Thirst for Exotic Cars

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It’s a beautiful evening, you pull up at the red signal and then you see the most incredible car pull up right next to yours. You can’t stop yourself from staring at the beauty only to be slyly being caught by the driver and then you sheepishly look away. It is a very common sight to see used exotic cars in Mumbai. On a lucky day, you could see a Ferrari or Bentley racing past you.

Everybody has their own definition for what an exotic car maybe. Some think an exotic car is the one, which would cost them a fortune. But that’s not true necessarily. An honestly priced Lotus Elise is still considered as an exotic beauty. There are few others who view exotic cars as those that have doors, which spring forward. But yet again, that is still not the best approach for an exotic car as there are many exotic cars with ‘normal’ doors.

So, the best possible definition of exotic car could be summed up to one simple question…Do you see such a car on daily basis or during a bumper to bumper traffic commute? If the answer is ‘No’, then you are probably close to the definition of an exotic car.

Exotic car owners surely love to take their beauty out for a ride and flaunt around. But the car’s minimal mileage restricts them from doing so. Most of the exotic cars spend a large amount of time in showrooms, garages and/or in the form of a collection model. However, there are a few owners who prefer to take their beauty out on special occasions to drive it.

Rare Shape

You might have seen that many exotic cars have a very uncommon shape. They usually have a very bold or a striking resemblance. They are noticeable and manage to turn every head around.  Shapes like hour glass or wedges are a common sight in exotic or concept cars.

Sleek in Size

They are usually small when compared to sedan or regular coupe. Most of the exotic cars are two-seaters. Very few have an additional “token” seat at the back. Few cars like Bentley are getting bigger in size, but a true exotic is related to sports, so a small size and powerful engine is the perfect combination for it.

If not all, most of the exotic cars are made of lightweight material. It should be noted that the weight to power combination is lethal, making them exotic in nature.