Questions To Ask Before Hiring A SEO

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A SEO

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You must already know how important SEO is for the growth and well being of your business. But if you are still wondering “why do I need to optimize my website?” Rest assured, nearly everyone else is using SEO, which is why the demand for SEO is so high. SEO companies are mushrooming everywhere, but not all of them are as good as they would like to claim, so here are some questions that you should be asking before you hire so that you can weed out the bad from the good.

How long have you been in business?

This is important; you don’t want to be the first client of a company that hasn’t yet been able to straighten everything out. It doesn’t mean newcomers in the field are worthless. Often they have more savvy than older companies that are set in their ways. What you require is a bland of experience and new ideas. You have to ask yourself,” What Kind of SEO consultant do I want to optimize my website; someone who has been around longer, or someone with new ideas?”

How will you go about optimizing my website?

Expect straight answers, if you don’t get them, don’t even consider hiring the company. SEO isn’t any kind of mystical voodoo that can’t be understood by a layperson. Don’t let them rattle you with all the technical term and jargon. Keep an eye on how quick they are to answer; they can’t really know what needs to be done before they take a look at your website. So, if they try to tell you they have a plan ready to go even before you hire them then look elsewhere.

How much time will it take to optimize the website?

This is a trick question. No SEO can give you an exact timeline. The honest answer would be that they don’t know and can’t tell you until they have researched everything properly. You should also remember that most SEO tasks aren’t a onetime thing. Things like link building, content updating etc. will need to be done regularly.

Will you provide me with case studies and references?

Case studies will help you check out how good they are at their job. If they can’t provide those then there is no point talking to them, this company clearly has something to hide. The same goes for references as well.

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