Reasons why SyncMate is still on top for file transfer apps

Reasons why SyncMate is still on top for file transfer apps

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The Cloud is now making huge rounds in the computing arena. The cloud is being used in order to save the data in the form of a cache. SyncMate is an app that can be used in both Windows as well as Mac platforms that are used for files transfers and file storage. The main idea of using SyncMate is to use the computer or the laptop and to sync the applications that are used on the phone to be remotely accessed from the computer or the laptop. The laptop or the computer will help one to manage their work without the interference of the phone by syncing it on to their workspace.

Why use SyncMate?

There are many reasons to state why to use SyncMate when there is so many other sync software that is available on the market. Few are listed below:

  • Genuine nature of the app:

The SyncMate is created by a company called Elitma which has been in the business for a while that makes great apps for Windows and Mac Operating Systems. It is a known fact that the Mac OS doesn’t felicitate the transfer of files if the app is proven to be genuine. Any “iPhone file transfer for Mac” does not get the approval from the app store if the features like security, UI/UX are seen to be real. This can be stated as one whole reason of why the genuine nature of the app is proved.

  • Great features of the app:

The various features of the software like the ability to sync better with almost all the apps, the choice to make of what applications have to be synced to the computer and what should not be synced is left to oneself. This particular feature will only help one to locate the phone in case one loses the phone. The phone’s activity can always be monitored by the help of this software.

  • Great Backup:

The “SyncMate, iPhone file transfer for Mac” like that of the SyncMate file transfer for Android does not need a backup folder permission like that of Google Drive/ or backup storage for that matter. I-phone feature has that capacity of hosting a cloud for itself. Thus, the data is stored in the cloud of the app store without waiting for the phone to connect to any backup device like android.

These are some of the reasons why one should prefer SyncMate to transfer files from I-phone to Mac system.