Save Instagram photos and videos in one step

Save Instagram photos and videos in one step

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If you use Instagram on Android, you probably already know that all the photos we uploaded are stored in a local folder but what happens to the ones shared by others? The application does not offer an option in itself to download them but, fortunately, there are many methods to make a copy in the memory of our Android of the rest of photos and videos.

One of the most common ways is to use IFTTT (If this, then that) and a recipe that saves all the photos that we like in the memory of the mobile. Another option, something simpler and suitable for the general public, is a free application that is responsible for doing all the work for us in a very simple way. We explain how to do it.

Save photos and video in one step

The first thing we will have to do is install the Insta-saving application. There are several software available but the one we teach you today is Instadp. Once we have downloaded and installed it, we will see in the tutorial that when saving images we have two possible options.

The first and most basic is to copy the Instagram link and paste it manually into Insatdp. To do this, we go to the photo and video in question that we want to save, we click on the three points that appear next and we mark copy URL. Then we go to Instadp and in the box to paste text we put it there. We give Save and that’s it, we’ll have a copy of the saved image.

If we are going to use this service in a massive way, you will see that the application has an auto-save function. To activate it, we only have to activate the two tabs so that each time we press copy a URL it does the work automatically without having to press paste again.