Save Your Hard Earned Cash with SIM Only

Save Your Hard Earned Cash with SIM Only

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You can save on your hard-earned cash by choosing SIM only deals. There is no need to buy a top of the range phone, which costs loads of money. With SIM only you can use your own phone and only pay for the minutes, text and data that you use.

Flexible plans with SIM only

SIM only deals are very flexible so that they suit your lifestyle. There is no need to be fixed to a particular tariff when you have the option to choose the ideal plan for your needs. There is a selection of different minutes, text and data that you can choose from . You can even go for a 12 months plan for more saving on your hard earned cash or go for a rolling contract of 30 days. There are even 3 unlimited internet SIM only deals for heavy data users from Three. You will find that different networks offer a wide variety of plans, which you can compare at

SIM card size

If you are worried that the network may not have the right SIM for your phone, then there is no need to worry. Network operators now send out one SIM which is compatible with all types of phones. You just pop out the right SIM for your current phone from the cut out and it is simple to do.

Here are some SIM only options you may be interested in as a mobile user:

What is Tethering?

Tethering allows you to create a personal hotspot using your mobile phone. This allows you to connect additional devices to use the internet by sharing the data off your mobile. To make use of this it is a good idea to get an unlimited internet SIM only which Three Mobile 3 SIM only does. As you can find that your data can easily be used when connected via the hotspot feature.

Using my phone abroad

If you are on the Three network you can take advantage of Feel at Home offer which allows you to use your normal allowance in 42 countries. This currently does not include all European Union countries but does include calling in the USA and a few other non EU countries. Furthermore, from June 2017 the EU voted to remove roaming charges, which essentially means that you pay as would in the UK for normal calls.

SIM only deals is a good option if you are looking for an alternative contract and has many benefits including its flexibility.

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