Shoe Zone Discount Code Marketing: 4 Ways Vouchers Raise Profits

Shoe Zone Discount Code Marketing: 4 Ways Vouchers Raise Profits

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In this study we examine Shoe Zones voucher code marketing strategy. We see how coupons can be used to increase revenues and improve customer experience on site.

Shoe Zone, a company founded in the United Kingdom in 1917, is a low cost retailer of men’s and women’s footwear. The company operates 500 shops across the UK and Ireland and employs over 4,000 stuff.

In today’s market, a significant number of online businesses retain the notion that coupons can be a very effective tool for driving up sales. However, despite this fact being true, it still does not apply universally because in certain cases large discounts can have a negative impact on a business.

Using Shoe Zone voucher strategy, we see here how discount codes can be used as a long term strategy to maximize sales and increase customer base.

Using discount codes to create sense of urgency

One of the best of ways of creating the illusion of urgency is to offer potential customers time-limited discount codes. Shoe Zone is very much aware of this phycology and applies the technique by creating a limited promo code like “25% Off Selected Items-Save Today”. Such offers will more than likely compel any prospects who are on the fence to act fast and make a purchase. Shoe Zone distribute coupons via their list or Facebook page.

Using Shoe Zone voucher codes to retain existing customers

HSamuel sends coupon codes to their list of customers at least once a month. This is one of the best ways of sustaining a relationship with your list. For starters, you can offer those on your list a 20% discount on their next orders. This will be a very effective step towards “marinating” a healthy list of customers. Shoe Zone applies this technique using voucher codes.

Rewarding active fans on social media

The fact of the matter is that loyal Facebook page followers should always be a target for coupons and discounts when it comes to effective marketing. This is because such a move usually serves as a powerful tool that helps to strengthen the connection between the customer and the company, and Shoe Zone is well aware of that fact.

Seeking out those who abandoned shopping cart

The way most ecommerce sites work is that user’s login, go through the available items, select the ones they wish to buy and place them in shopping cart together with relevant information such as their email address and other personal details. However, you will find that in certain situations, for no definite reason, a number of users simply choose to abandon the cart.

Shoe Zone reaches out to these potential customers by sending them emails with special discount codes. Customers can apply these codes on the items they had in the shopping cart prior to them exiting the site and enjoy 10% off or more their order. Both Shoe Zone and the customer are winners, as Shoe Zone wins a customer and the customer enjoys money savings.

One of the most important aspects to remember when it comes to coupon codes is to not overuse them. This is because flooding your list with emails exposes you to the risk of having people unsubscribing off your list Also, just like the way Shoe Zone does it, make sure any coupons you do decide to send are of real value.

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