Some Things That Entrepreneurs Need To Know About SEO

Some Things That Entrepreneurs Need To Know About SEO

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When you search for something on Google, you will find both paid ads and organic results on the search result listing. The paid ads always show up at the top of the result and also on the right hand side of the page, everything else are organic search results. And if you have a website, then that is where you want to be; at the top of organic results. Here are a few things you should know if you want to improve your ranking.

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It’s all about content

There was a time when search engine algorithms could be fooled into ranking a website high through keyword stuffing, where the content would be of little value but it will be choked with keywords that are relevant for the site. Sometimes, the content would make no sense at all, but still the website would get high ranking. Those days are over now, any SEO firm like Tulsa SEO By U-Thrive will now recommend good content over a profusion of keywords any day. More often than not, great content will drive traffic, and even if it doesn’t the quality will definitely affect visibility in search engine results.

Online performance is very important

You want a higher rank in search results; make sure that your website performs well. Tulsa SEO By U-Thrive will tell you just how important it is for your website to load fast. Your hosting server needs to be fast so that there are no lags. Get a dedicated server for your website to begin with so that you won’t have to share your resources with other websites. Moreover, dedicated servers also offer better security. Many people now search for things through their mobile devices, so you have to get your website optimized for mobile platforms as well.


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