The Battle Begins- Google Pixel vs. Google Pixel 2

The Battle Begins- Google Pixel vs. Google Pixel 2

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Google electronics- the ethical brand of smart phones serving the smart phone users with variants of product till date. Google has been providing reliable products of smart phones which are being adorable by the users since a long time. With this consent of reliability Google has achieved more appreciation of the users since it has launched the Pixel series. The company’s flagship- Pixel series has many a versions or devices available in the market and each of the devices are secured at their level.

Today’s headline- Pixel vs. Pixel 2

Even the clatter between the devices of the same brand can’t be avoided. The upgraded versions certainly make out their way effectively ahead as they match up with the user’s need, but even though the comparison by the users can’t be waived off. We can just take the example of two certain devices which are in either way effective than the other in their own way of class and standard. The recently launched Pixel is the new sensation spread among the users. Even some may think as the battle begins- Pixel vs. Pixel 2. This can’t be avoided as per the users consent but this need to be really solved as soon as possible for this may create a down fall in the demand of either of the products. Both the devices are secured at their range and established with remarkable user’s approval.

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Compare between the two models

Getting focused on the headline Pixel vs. Google Pixel 2, we certainly need to distinguish between the two effective products, so that the users don’t get confused while selecting one of them. Pixel vs. Pixel 2 can be categorized in different sections as both the devices gain several effective operational working layouts, including its design.

So getting started up with the headline- Pixel vs. Google Pixel 2, we can start the comparison of the exterior looks of the models. The Pixel acquires a display of 5 inches, weighing around 6.03 oz with a dimension of 6.03 x 3 x 0.3 inches, whereas the Pixel 2 model acquires a display of 5.2 inches, weighing around 4.87oz with a dimension of 5.65 x 2.78 x 0.27 inches. Definitely if you need a display with a larger screen you can opt out to choose any model of them.

The headline Pixel vs. Pixel 2, doesn’t end certainly with the display with Pixel being the superior, this clash continues with same super AMOLED screen and even with same processor of Exynos 7420 Octa-core. These similarities make both the devices effective.

When the topic of screen pixels come then the Pixel is left behind with 518ppi from Pixel 2 with 577ppi. The head line Pixel vs. Pixel 2 continues with the OS used in the devices. Pixel uses Android 7.1 Nougat version whereas Pixel 2 uses Android Nougat too but version is not cleared yet. This clash can be continued so on with various capabilities. The entire decision is of the users, as required you can grab any of it, but if you need a better upgraded version then choose Pixel.