The Benefits of SIM Only Contracts

The Benefits of SIM Only Contracts

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Mobile phones users mostly have two options, either keep their own mobile phone and opt for a SIM-only deal, or opt for a standard phone contract with monthly payments for an extended period of time. A SIM-only contract offers several advantages over a standard monthly phone contract. Here is a run-down of the major benefits of SIM-only contracts. 

1. Unbridled Flexibility

The biggest advantage of SIM only deals is flexibility. 

A SIM-only contract is essentially a one-time contract. without long-term liability. It offers a specified amount of data, text, and or minutes, with no worry about crossing the limit. The subscriber invests only in a SIM card, and as such is free to change the service provider on a whim. Needs keep on changing. The subscriber may prefer a data-heavy plan at one time, and at another time may have to make several international phone calls. With a SIM-only contract, the subscriber can review different tariff plans and switch over to the plan best suited to requirements. The flexibility extends to changing the service provider as well, if another provider offers a cheaper or better-suited plan for the subscriber’s requirement.

Monthly phone contracts, on the other hand, commit the subscriber to 12-month or 24-months contracts, and such plans are, on the whole, inflexible. Requirements keep changing in today’s fast-paced world, and such inflexibility often results in big losses and serious inconveniences down the lane.

Earlier, the flexibility of changing the provider came with the inconvenience of losing the mobile number. However, mobile number portability now allows subscribers to retain their mobile number, even when they switch the provider. All the subscriber needs to do is obtain a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) from the old provider, and pass it on to the new provider.

2. Freedom to Choose Handset

SIM-only contracts also offer the subscriber the freedom and flexibility to choose their own handset. Subscribers may hold on to their old handsets, invest in the handset that best suits their fancy, and changes their handsets at will, without being limited to the options provided by the provider.

3. Cost Savings

SIM only contracts are generally cheaper. The same amount of data and/or talk-time will cost less under SIM-only contract, compared to phone contracts. In SIM-only contracts, the subscriber pays only for the SIM card and accompanying tariff. Monthly phone contracts come with the mobile phone, and as such, the provider recoups the cost of the phone through the monthly bill. 

Most monthly phone contracts require the subscriber to commit for a long period of 12 or 24 months to recoup the cost of the phone, and in the process, lock the subscriber to a tariff, preventing them from taking advantage of possible offers or better tariffs. SIM-only contracts, on the other hand, may last for anywhere between one month and 24 months, depending on the subscriber’s choice, allowing subscribers to always choose the most optimal plan. 

In today’s age of high competition, mobile providers shower subscribers with several awesome network benefits, just as they do for regular contract mobile subscribers. Double speed 4G, free WiFi, mobile tethering to connect other devices, and more, are now standard offerings from most providers, even for SIM-only contracts. 

4. Easier to pass a credit check

For many people, a poor credit rating may be grounds to be turned down from availing a mobile phone contract. Passing a credit check for a SIM-Only contract is relatively easy and hassle-free.

All things considered, a SIM-only contract offers a better deal for most mobile users.


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