The Importance of Disaster Recovery Plans

The Importance of Disaster Recovery Plans

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Everyone thinks that in order to keep their business bulletproof, all they need to do is to keep making a profit and increase their customer base and maybe the rest will sort itself out. I am sure this may feel like it covers everything, except your business might be more fragile than you thought. With so many of today’s businesses being dependent on the access of technology it is crucial that a business has a disaster recovery plan. This being a process that allows a company to recover their IT infrastructure if they should suffer an attack or prevent against IT issues that can cause them to lose hours or days of work time.

The benefits of an information technology disaster recovery plan are plentiful for any business. This could be the key to keeping your business running smoothly, keeping customer happy, giving a level of security, providing reliable backup systems for your employees, and ensuring that the recovery of any temporarily lost information is done in a timely manner.

You should identify a disaster recovery team within your business that will be the first respond, knowing their roles in order to provide time efficient help to recovering the systems. You should select these from the significant members of each in an effort to share expertise. These people will be best placed to assist any external team that may be required to come in to help with disaster recovery.

You should document all of the crucial elements of your business so you can prioritize the most important steps. This should consider all your data, processes, operations, services, and more; and should be put into a structure of importance so you know exactly where the most important place to start is. This should also encourage you to keep a detailed record of all essential data. Then record a step the step guide as to the process if disaster strikes. The most significant steps of recovery should be made clear so anyone from outside the business can understand. Test this so your company is well drilled on how to cope.

One such program that can be used on such an occasion is CloudEndure, this program helps you to get any workload onto the cloud in an effort to make sure any business is disaster proof and can still operate. This will reduce your maintenance costs significantly and they estimate an average cost reduction of around 80%. This is a good way to ensure that your business does not suffer interruptions that can cost you money. It is applicable to all systems, all of the time.

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