Warning Signs That Your Video Card Is Dying

Warning Signs That Your Video Card Is Dying

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For the fact that graphics cards concern almost everything visual, you can get signs shown on the computer that the card is getting bad. The following are some early warning signs or symbols of video card failure.

Screen glitches

Most times, you would experience the screen glitch out. It can occur when you are watching a movie or playing a game, and suddenly some weird colors start appearing all over the screen, this is a sign that your graphic card is dying. Restarting the computer can sometimes make the screen go back to its normal state, but always expect the same problem, as it is a sign that your video card is faulty.


A bit of stuttering beforehand can occur when a video card is going bad. This, however, shouldn’t be used to determine whether your video card is bad or not, although RAM problems or a dying hard drive can cause such problems as well. But once you start seeing other signs in addition to the stuttering, then your graphic card is likely to have a problem.

Blue screen

This is something we are all familiar with. A blue screen can happen on a computer due to many reasons, whether it is a RAM problem, graphic scards, hard drive or other components. But in a situation where the computer ceases or blue screens when you start performing some critical and intensive graphic work such as watching movies, video games etc. This is an indication that your graphics card is faulty.

Fan noise

This may not necessarily mean wanting to replace your video card, but keeping an eye on an abnormal fan noise on your graphics card, as this can indicate that the card is getting overheated or too hot. Stop whatsoever you are doing and try to clean it well as well as possible if it is too hot. If the fan doesn’t cool down, it is a sign that your video card may have a problem. Sometimes this problem can arise due to bad DisplayPort to VGA cables, we recommend you always use a  DisplayPort to VGA cable from primecables.ca

Strange Artifacts

This sign is similar to screen glitches, a faulty video card can also result in strange and unfamiliar artifacts all over the screen. This also can be solved by doing a restart, but however, if your video card is faulty expect the same problem to persist. Excessive overclocking, heat problems and too much of dust exposure are some of the major causes of this problem (strange artifacts on screen)

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