What Are The Advantages Of Using The Magento platform

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Magento platform

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One of the essential aspects of an ecommerce business is to provide an easy as well as intuitive shopping experience for their customers. This is especially true for small online businesses to compete with giants like Amazon and eBay. This makes it more important for small businesses to choose an e-commerce system which is secure, easy to install, with a range of inventory control and accounting systems.

For small businesses, the choice comes down to a few open source ecommerce platforms. There are many plug-ins to customize the website as per their needs which allow creating and tuning a perfect online store. Open source means the code is public to help make adaptations to the online store without any restrictions. Magento is one of the top most open source ecommerce platform. It has a thriving active community of developers who develop thousands of extensions for free or a fee.

Magento is easy to use and because of the active community, any questions are answered at the earliest. Some of the advantages are listed below when Magento design is used to create an online store.

  1. Features

It comes packed with a lot of features like layered navigation, product comparisons, multi-store feature, email list and content management system for static pages as well as SEO performance.

  1. SEO Edge

It has solved multiple issues by facilitating better optimisation of ecommerce site. Many of the SEO features like page traffic, duplicate content, landing page and indexing are efficiently managed for a website developed on Magento.

  1. On Mobile

In this era of mobile communication, Magento Mobile will establish a wholesome brand experience for consumers who use their smartphones and mobile devices to connect.

  1. Reporting

Magento’s reporting makes it stand apart from its competitors which make administration of the website easy. Business owners then can analyse these reports which explain the performance of the website with information about the most sold product, product out of stock and new items in the market.

  1. Multiple Store Management

Magento has made it possible that multiple stores can be set up distinctly with its unique product catalogue. This has made running and managing online business 24/7 stress-free.

  1. Order Management 

Magento enables business owners immense help in taking care of the orders in a hassle-free way. Admin panel can create, view, edit and fulfil orders, raise single or multiple invoices, print packing slip, create email notifications and RSS feed for a new order or creation of reorder etc.

  1. Developers Friendly

With the growth in business, websites undergo changes and updating subsequently. Magento platform makes it easier for developers to update content, add pages to the website and link pages to the main or sub navigation which is time-saving.

  1. Open Source

Being open source Magento is evolving every day due to its thriving active developer’s community. With every new addition, the platform is going to get better and shape up the e-commerce websites of the future.

One needs to remember that it is not tailored to their needs but a system that can be tailored to suit their needs. It is an extremely flexible framework system which can be modified to get the maximum for an online store. Magento design best suits those with a clear objective and are aware what and how they want to sell.