What Are the Benefits Of Hybrid Clouds

What Are the Benefits Of Hybrid Clouds

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Cloud Computing Technology has become very important in today’s fast paced business.  A cloud allows users to place their files and other data online so that it can be accessible by others or from another workstation connected to the cloud.  This kind of service has long been used by companies who run private servers for their staff to access the files wherever they are.  Also giving access to others to get files as needed.  As technology grew, cloud services improved where files and other data can be stored locally but automatically synced to files on the cloud.  It allows even for instantaneous editing files on the fly which is automatically saved for everybody.

Famous cloud platforms include Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive and Microsoft’s One Drive. These third party clients have allowed users to place files online, access them from anywhere and give other users access to the files and even editing powers to edit them directly online.  However, companies may not necessarily want to use third-party cloud services, especially when we are talking about very sensitive files and documents.  For these instances, the hybrid cloud option may work best.

Hybrid clouds use both private clouds created by companies and organizations as well as publicly available cloud services.  This allows companies to offload resources for an online cloud server while allowing for sensitive or very important documents to be stored on a private server.  Let’s take a look at some benefits to having hybrid cloud services.

Cost Saving

The number one consideration when using IT infrastructure is always the cost. Using cloud technology completely may not be the most cost-efficient way for managing tasks, applications, and files for any company.  However, a purely private server may also not be something a company is willing to spend resources as it can be very expensive in terms of one-time costs.  By splitting tasks to both private servers and a public cloud server, you can help reduce costs while at the same time maximizing your company’s IT needs.

Increased Security

Security is a real issue when dealing with online technology and cloud computing.  Many IT professionals are often concerned about the security and integrity of important data on the cloud.  Hybrid cloud technology allows you to designate files and data on secure networks while allowing a majority of the work to be available on the cloud.  This means you can protect sensitive information on a private network but the rest be on the general cloud network.

Flexibility of Workloads

By employing a hybrid cloud technology, you can have both on-site private servers and off-site cloud servers working and communicating with one another and allow for the IT team to designate and move tasks, applications, and other resources between these services.  It allows you to be more flexible with what you want to be easily accessible, or things that can be stored remotely.  The IT team responsible for managing these can work better in adjusting them as needed.

Business Continuity

In the event of a disaster or a problem occurring with the data and files you are accessing, one thing to remember is the capability of a company to continue working with minimal slowdown to business operations.  More often what happens when data is lost or damaged, companies go into a disaster recovery plan in order to recover what is lost.  With hybrid clouds, it allows for companies to store their data on a remote server that in the case of an emergency, operations can still continue by still being able to access these files without having to take the time to recover backed up data.

These are just some of the benefits of Hybrid Cloud Technology for you and your company.  Overall, however, hybrid clouds may be the perfect solution for companies who need their data on the go while still making sure they are safe and secure and allows flexibility of movement and adjustment as needed.