What is telepresence UbiataPlay Becomes the Human Empowerment Network

What is telepresence UbiataPlay Becomes the Human Empowerment Network

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UbiataPlay turns to become the Human Empowerment Network and this is more than a marketplace and much more than a social network.


Many of these people in other countries are out of work and would be more than willing to offer their physical presence to a reasonable reward. These people are the pool of people where the Avatars come from and are willing to for a fee become an Avatar; and do what the Usar needs or wants to see and do.

Becomes more

What is telepresence, this is when UbiatarPlay becomes more; it becomes a philosophy working toward the empowerments of people or humans anywhere. This is one of the reasons this telepresence technologies were developed.


UbiatarPlay will become a part of the marketplace where all people can meet, talk, learn from each other and exchange values. Value measured not just in money, but also in

  • Emotions
  • Culture
  • Knowledge
  • Expertise

The UbiatarPlay marketplace will be the support for a wide range of small to large 3rd-party business projects. You will brand your Avatar identity or the identity of a group of Avatars, developing a name, and a logo with a description, graphics and pictures that will be the project you will list on the Human Empowerment Network.


Your brand could be:

  • A charity
  • A business
  • Leisure group
  • Legal idea or organization

After you brand this presence and take promotional power, you will be keeping more of the revenues and support paid advertising. This is like developing an App on GooglePlay and Apple store; but it is a HumanApp with no coding and little or no money, but by organizing and promoting this offer with standard social network-like tools. It becomes up to your business, networking and peer-to-peer skills to get this HumanApp up and running. We give to others the power to be transported anywhere because it is believed that exploration is freedom and life is interaction.

3rd party developers

This Ubiatar technology will also allow other 3rdparty creators and have added the industry standard API interface. It is also possible to develop software and sites that are external to interact with the marketplace to brand further and even automate your projects.


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