What You Need To Know Before the Cinema Projector

What You Need To Know Before the Cinema Projector

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Home projectors are these projectors that have higher specs than the regular projector that people mostly use for office use. Because of these higher specs, it can provide immersive viewing experience that cinema lovers would appreciate. These cinema grade projectors are a league of its own and have been a staple for many years now.

It doesn’t really have a lot of client base, simply because it will demand some space for you to put it and a white blank wall of a canvass to project it with. This is not a television killer nor something that can put you out of the movie houses for good, but it’s a good product to have especially if you’re into a home cinema experience like a movie critic os a movie collector and loves to watch old movies over and over again.

It’s somewhere in between: As much as people would think that this is the ultimate home cinema experience, some people will beg to differ. Televisions have technologies like LEDs, OLED, smart features, not to mention curved wide screens with ultra HD resolution. While cinema houses have Imax, Dolby sound systems and more. But movie projectors aren’t supposed to be competed into these markets because simply it’s not it’s strength and it’s a league of its own.

It’s impressive features: This is because it’s not for everyone, it will demand for it to be placed and big blank wall to project. Movie projectors doesn’t just project images in a blank wall, take for example the Odyssey Cinema concepts TM-60. Take a look up it’s specs:

  • It’s a smart projector
  • It is ultra high definition compatible
  • it’s 45000 ANSI (American National Standards Institute) lumens (very bright)
  • 40,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 40″ – 200″ inches of screen size
  • LED lamp that runs for 20,000 hours (approximately).

What this is for: As mentioned above, this technology is not for everybody. Most of the people that has this in their homes are the people that are serious with watching movies at home with a theatre vibe like collectors that loves to watch great movie collections, movie critics, directors and producers that makes money out of movies in general. it’s their home office and not all people are like that.

Movie grade projectors are not a thing, nor has it been very popular in recent years. In fact, it’s an underrated technology that never got much praise and this is because this technology is not for everybody. If you are a person that is willing to give up a considerable amount of space for a projector and a blank wall or canvass, maybe 30 to 80 sqm. meters of space for movies than this might just be for you. Movie projectors like the ™-60 that Odyssey is offering is top of the line. It has great features that will provide an immersive cinema movie experience for the right people. If you want one, head over to Odyssey and choose the best one for you.

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