A Good User’s Guide For Happy Customers

A Good User’s Guide For Happy Customers

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A user manual, also called as user guide plays a pivotal role in providing all the necessary information regarding ‘how to use a product’ to the consumers. As any equipment is a serious investment, it is important to inform the end-user regarding the usage and maintenance of the product. The major benefits of user’s manuals are seen in the fact that proper use of a device is made possible and the further risks of the unintentional breakdown of the device can be avoided. They also help in avoiding unnecessary costs of frequent service and repairs of the products. However, it is seen that many companies fail to provide a good, interactive, and informative user’s guide with the product.

Maybe it is a user manual, product manual, operations manual or troubleshoots manual, these contain detailed information with attached pictures, diagrams, and screenshots.  Some of the important benefits of user’s manuals include-

  • Helps in avoiding information gap between the service provider and the consumer.
  • It is an effective tool in helping the customers understands the technical, functional, and operational aspects of the products.
  • Companies can improve the quality or their products and services as there will be lesser complaints regarding the usage of the products.
  • With all required information in one place, it is easier for a user to understand the working, maintenance, and service of the product.
  • All the necessary limitations, cautions that can result in hazards are mentioned in user manuals, especially in case of heat or fire generating devices, mechanical tools, high voltage devices and others.
  • With a more comprehensive user’s manual, it saves the time of an engineer or a salesman to provide consolidated information regarding the product.

Why is it necessary to have a good, simple user’s guide:

However, user guides have gained a bad reputation as a result of companies failing to put forth an interactive guide for the customers. This is due to the false assumption that the customers will easily understand the functioning and technical aspects of the products. All these absurd practices can be avoided and companies can take the complete benefits of a good user’s guide in engaging more and more customers. Properly written, step-by-step detailed information with appropriate pictures can help a user to a great extent in understanding the product. A quick-start guide can also be provided for giving an overall idea about the product to the user. With all the necessary information accessible easily, the customers can avoid mishandling of the products, which also avoids the need to frequently visit the service provider. 

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