Five Interview Questions to Stay Prepared For

Five Interview Questions to Stay Prepared For

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One cannot predict what kind of questions will be asked in a job interview.Few questions get repeated very often that you may not have to prepare yourself in advance. But, there are some questions that you are likely to be asked,which you need to be prepared for even if the job is as easy as typing jobs. Read on to find out what they are.

What Made You Interested in This Job?

It may sound obvious, yet many candidates fail to get prepared to answer this common question. Interviewers normally hire people who are keen about the job and who are determined to do the job offered. Therefore, when the interviewer asks you what interests you about the job, you should not get struck, but rather answer carefully and thoughtfully.

What Do You Think Your Weakness Is?

It is one of the common questions that any interviewer would ask. It is even the most terrifying question of all. Handle it carefully by minimizing your weaknesses and stressing on your strengths. Also, do not portray your personal qualities;instead focus on professional qualities, saying that you are working on developing your communication skills to get to the level of becoming an efficient presenter. This will overshadow your weaknesses if any and your strengths will be recognized.

Why Do You Think We Should Hire You?

Though this question seems to be tricky, you need to carefully answer saying that the many years of experience in the industry and your proven record of achievements can be a plus for the prospective employer. Also leave an impression that indicates that you are confident of being be a value addition to the team.

What Are Your Aims?

When you are asked this question, thebest thing would be to discuss the short term and intermediary aims instead of getting locked into a distant prospect. For instance, you can say that your instant aim is to get a job in a developing company. And your long-term aim depends on the company’s growth and that you expect to finally grow to a position of responsibility.

What Salary Are You Expecting?

This is the usual question that any interviewer would ask, so be prepared. In case you don’t get prepared and say something that’s beneficial for the company, you will be the loser as it may work against you during salary negotiations. Therefore, prepare yourself by knowing the industry standardsfor your qualification and experience and throw the ball in his court or you can also say that you can mutually agree upon a reasonable amount in the same range paid to others with a similar background.

Hope the article has given you tips to prepare yourself for the common interview questions. Know that even if you are applying careers in typing, an interview is one of the most important thing to prepare for. So be prepared!

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