How to remove popup ads from your Android phone

How to remove popup ads from your Android phone

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None of us want popup ads especially when we are in the middle of a task. It is both annoying and infuriating especially if it’s something that we didn’t agree to have. It is also sometimes difficult to tell what apps are bringing about these pop-ups, but we are here to help you with that. For most of these ads, you have to press x at the corner of the screen to get rid of them, or they drop down from the top of the screen and disappear after a few seconds when you don’t take action.

Most of these apps will appear when you’re using YouTube or Facebook but do not appear on the app itself. If you use Amazon, Twitter or Google, these apps may appear; sometimes they came from an unknown source like a Tax Audit website so knowing where to turn off or block the ads is hard. Most of these pop-up ads come about as a result of adware or virus when downloading an app or game. It does not mean that the app has a problem; some of them are legit but still cause this issue. What some of these applications do is to charge advertisers for splash screen ads or other advertisement types as part of their revenue making stream.

How to remove the pop-up ads on new devices

  1. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Google and Personal info & Privacy where you can then turn off the Ads Personalization under ADs settings. Should links still appear after disabling it, look into AD choices. From here you can choose the AD networks and remove the ads option.
  2. For even newer phones, go to Settings -> Google -> Ads and then Opt out of Ads Personalization

If you suspect that they are coming from Chrome, you can also go and disable the pop-up ads from there.

Install an Anti-Malware

The next step would be to install anti-adware or malware from Google Play Store. It will scan your phone and show results of suspicious apps. You can then click on each app to see if it matches what has been invading your screen. Installing additional software like Stubborn Trojan Killer from the app store can help in the detection and removal of the issue.

You can also aim to only download and install apps from trusted sources. Ensure that privacy settings on ads are frequently updated on search engines and social media networks.  Scanning your phone also helps detect the issue and deal with threats that then show you want to install or uninstall. If you can tell where the ads are coming from, change the settings on that given app.