The advantages of using VoIP phone systems

The advantages of using VoIP phone systems

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In this article we will discuss about some of the advantages you get if you are using VoIP phone systems. Let’s to the point!

Easy to install

The VoIP switchboard does not require large amounts of calculation, so it is easy to handle and easy to install. Just connect current and network cable and you’re done. Everything else is managed comfortably through the control interface, from which we can set all the system functions, add telephone numbers and telephones, set advanced functions.


While with the old analogue systems, adding a telephone line or an extension often required an (often difficult and expensive) hardware update, with the new VoIP switchboard the updates are all software side. Generally free, they are activated from the control panel and downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Telephone systems for multi-site offices

In addition to the ability to answer from the mobile as if you are in the office, you can connect multiple offices as if they were in the same structure. In fact, thanks to the interconnection between VoIP PBXs, it is possible to make internal calls to a foreign office of the same company, even if it is on the other side of the world. If you live in Dubai, Computer Support Dubai can provide what you need.

Integration with business applications

Thanks to the use of standard protocols (SIP, XML) and the use of specific APIs and extensions, it is possible to integrate the telephone system with business applications. This makes it possible to streamline the customer management workflow, synchronize databases or integrate their marketing strategies (email, recall, etc.).

Hot Plug functionality

Imagine being able to comfortably move your office phone from one location to another without losing your interior, phone numbers, settings. This is possible thanks to the unique mac address of the phone, which is able to automatically reconnect to the telephone exchange.

Advanced reporting

Thanks to the control panel of the VoIP switchboard it is possible to have a complete and updated view of all incoming and outgoing calls, monitoring bandwidth consumption, response times, obtaining clear and precise statistics useful for improving your business workflow.


The protection of privacy has always been a hot topic in telephone communications. With VoIP solutions the problem has been drastically reduced as voice traffic travels to “packet switching”, which means that it does not have to go through switching centers, but directly between two users. Moreover, in many cases it is possible to use asymmetric key cryptography systems which prevent third parties from intercepting.

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